Beyond inspection we are helping

We worked a special inspection case in Shenzhen,China this year.

Customer found us because he has a new project in Shenzhen,need the inspection service,and he was not satisfied with his current QC company.

At beginning he just wanted to have a try,we did a factory audit and a product inspection service for him in Shenzhen,customer was very satisfied with our inspection job and our quick response service,then requested us to assign one quality engineer to help factory improve their quality management system based on the first factory audit result.

Finally factory got a pass in the second audit under our help.

Customer placed the first order to the factory,requested us to conduct the inspection at the beginning of production,in the middle of production and at the end.

It's a good news for us,that means our inspection work had been acknowledged by customer,we have more inspections coming.

Before confirming the inspections we called the factory,asked them about the production plan, and what could be the possible situation when inspector arrives on the first production day.Factory told us that the actual production process would be different from what we and customer imagined, because three items would be produced on three different production lines, the first production day for each item would be different, and they manufacture one process by one process,not one unit by one unit,that means when doing the first fabrication process,the entire quantity for one item will be fabricated in this process,after all finished,flow to next work station to fabricate the next process.One finished product done represents all the products for the same item on the PO would have been done. Thus it's different from the traditional understanding about at the beginning of production,in the middle and at the end.

Therefore we advised customer about the feasibility of the inspection plan.

Through this case,it's easy to see that the result might be different if it was handled by some other inspection company,that could be that inspection company confirmed inspection immediately without further communication with factory, customer paid the inspection fees without getting satisfied result, he couldn't get what he need,everything is different from what was supposed.

But as a professional third party inspection company,we take care of every inspection in a very responsible way, like we are customer themselves,truly understand customer's need,avoid to waste any cost,and get everything clear.