• Sourcing agent, purchasing service
Name:Sourcing agent, purchasing service

Sourcing service

Looking for a sourcing agent in China? 

We provide local Chinese sourcing service.

We can help to source and deliver customer specific products,both consumer goods and industry products,and practical for the complex engineering parts,we follow the engineering drawing and specification requirements to communicate with the suppliers in terms of feasibility,capability,capacity,stability and on time delivery. we help suppliers understand engineering and quality requirements.

As we are professional with the fabrication process, the sourcing cost can be evaluated and controlled in a very effective manner.

We can work as your sourcing agent in China,find qualified suppliers with good price,negotiate with suppliers on behalf of you about price and terms,coordinate sampling,inspection,shipping and other matters as needed.

We have our own quality inspection team and sourcing team that would be a big advantage for product quality control and supplier selection.

You decide how we cooperate with each other,we are flexible with diverse options.

We can be either your direct supplier , or work for you like your own purchasing staff,each has its own advantage

Commision model  Advantage: 

Lowest price:  All price we quote is supplier price, you sign purchasing contract with supplier directly.

Free service:   Sourcing supplier and product is free.

As your staff:  We only charge commision,it's reasonal percentage of the product value.

By Paying the fees shown as below, we help you coordinate between suppliers and you from product sourcing, factory audits, order follow-up, quality inspection and shipping arrangement,like to have your own purchasing staff in China.

                 Order amount       Less than $2000            $2001-$10000     
        $10001-$50000           $50000 upward      
    Sourcing service commission fee                 $100                  5%                    4%                   3%

Supplier model advantage:

All in one:  You don't need to sign contract with each supplier, but just with us.

Simple process:  We dispose all the issues regarding suppliers, that will save you plenty of time.

Sourcing and purchasing service support  E-mail:  account@trustvo.com